1. I express my gratitude to the staff of the university for the excellent material and technical base of the educational institution, a high level of specialists in the national economy. I wish you all the creative success!

Graduate of 1972, People’s Deputy of Ukraine II and III convocation A.Snihach

2. Dear colleagues, educators, farmers! With great pleasure, I became acquainted with the diversity of the rich life of the Glory University! Very interesting meetings took place with student activists, who represented the principles of self-government. Many thoughts arose after communicating with the students of the academic heads. It is the acquaintance with the life and activities of the University that inspires confidence that all the troubles in the country will pass, and the life of students, teachers, staff and management of the university necessarily guarantees us a happy future! Let everyone be happy!

Professor O.Movchan (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)

3. Participated in I International Scientific Practical Conference, found the opportunity to visit the museum of history TSATU. Got a huge aesthetic and cognitive satisfaction from learning the rich history of university. They are disturbed by the attention and love that the employees of the TSATU reveal.

The delegation of the Sumy National Agrarian University

4. Tavricheskiy State Agrotechnology – a real forge frames.


5. We express our sincere thanks to the native institution! We wish prosperity, support from the state.

With gratitude for the knowledge gained, graduates of 1983, 59-М group.

6. Graduates of the 31 issue of mechanical engineers sincerely thank the teaching staff of the educational institution for the highly skilled training of specialists in the agro-industrial complex. For 40 years of production activity, our course has a very high marks for graduating from MIAM. The Institute has always been our pride and conscience, and this is the most profound and meaningful thing that connects us in this life. We love our institution as it is. And in order not to happen, we keep this love and bear it through the years.

Best regards, graduates of 1968

A.Chikov, N.Fevka, L.Levchenko,

I.Kosse, V.Chekmak, V. Protsenko and others

7. Prosperity, movement, constant improvement of craftsmanship, good students!

V.Pastukhov, Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture

8. Former KVN-participant and student theater variety miniatures participant Khilko Hennadii (mechanic, issue 1976) remembers the institute as the best years of life, and not only because it was young, but because in the subsequent life there was not so much fun, zeal, immediacy … If current students can joke as we joked, then it means more not everything is as bad as it seems. Life goes on! I remember all teachers and classmates. Success and Prosperity of the University! Oh, how would you like in a sports camp!!!


9. I wish the Tavriya State Agrotechnological University prosperity in the scientific and pedagogical field.!

Candidate of Economics National University of Bioresources and

natural resources of Ukraine O.Faichuk

10. Under the great impression from what he saw in the museum of university history. I sincerely wish the prosperity and movement to new heights, and the team of the University of happiness, health and new successes for the benefit of our state.

Sincerely, Your fellow countryman, an academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine,

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine,

Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology A.Hurzhii.

11. We, graduates of MIAM of 1982, were very pleased to meet in the walls of their native university. It was nice to mention all the student years from 1976 to 1982. Many thanks to the staff of the teachers who brought us to the people. Good luck to you, dear teachers!

Sincerely, Graduates N.Harkusha, A.Oleinikov,

A.Lobanov, N.Shevelov, V.Okhtyrskyi and others.

12. Many thanks to the department of agrarian and environmental law and the teaching staff of TSATU.


13. I want to say that I’m pleased and happy to be studied in this beautiful Tavria State Agrotechnological University. Here I spent my best years! I found many friends, I learned a lot of new things. I express my gratitude to all the teachers and staff of the University. Also, I want to say that it is here that the most beautiful girls and boys study. Here I met my girlfriend Olga Boyko, which I love very much, with her life seems a fairy tale. I am a happy person. I think that we and my groupmates will meet again more than once. I wish everyone to find a good job, and still happiness, a healthy and love of health!

Maksym Nimchenko

14.I wish the TSATU prosperity, achievements, grateful students! And only good news!

Chief Editor of the “Agrarian Newsletter” Yuliia Zaitseva 

15. I express my sincere thanks to the staff of the University and especially to the rectorate for the multiplication of good traditions of Melitopol Institute of Mechanization of Agriculture. I wish the team success in training personnel for the agrarian complex of the country.

Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, Hero of Ukraine

Dmytro Motornyi 

16. It was very nice to return to college years, see familiar faces. I am very happy for the faculty of electrification, which takes a worthy place in education and science, and which I graduated in 1977.

PhD, Professor Dnipropetrovsk State

Agrarian University S.Tyshchenko

17. Having visited the beautiful museum of the university, once it became convinced that this is a smithy of personnel for our country and region. Exiters of the University are professionals from the Great Letter and the pride of the Zaporizhzhya Land. Keep it up. Good luck, prosperity, peace, unity.

Sincerely, Head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Council V.Mezheiko


18. Thank you very much to the director of the Museum of History of the University Anna Petyrovna for a meaningful excursion. All the benefits to your university.

PhD, Professor, Academician of historical and archeographic institute,

Honored inventor of Ukraine,

Roman Hevko (Ternopil National

Economical University)

19. The changes that have taken place since the graduation of the Institute in 1965 are impressive. The institute became a university leading the country’s university. For the better, educational buildings have changed (they have become much larger), library, dining room, auditorium, courtyard of the university (abundance of greenery, trees, flowers pleases the eye). We are proud of the University, our Alma Mater. Our university is a pride of Ukraine, it is not only our feedback, it is a review of the leaders of all levels of Ukrainian agribusiness. We say thanks to the administration, the trade union committee, the museum of the university for a warm welcome, for hospitality, for the memory …

By order of graduates in 1965:

V. Honcharov, A.Ovsiannykov, A.Chaikyn,

V. Nomerovskyi, M.Turetskyi, V.Zuev,  

F.Lutsenko, P.Nedelko, A.Palchyk

20. It is interesting to see how a place develops, where you spent several years, interesting years of your life.

Student retired. Agronomist 2009-2013

21. Meeting with youth after 45 years, we all remember, we know, but in another dimension. I want to express my deep gratitude to the university administration for organizing the meeting, for this knowledge, which was the core in later life.

Sincerely, student of 12 group, 1971 year of release

Nykolai Sushko

22. We, graduates of the Melitopol Institute of Mechanization of Agriculture in 1966, are heartily glad to receive us at the University. We have not forgotten. And we do not forget the native university. We wish you happiness and success in prosperity.


23. We came to take an experience in organizing the museum business. Impressed by the quality of expositions, their variety, aesthetic design. Many thanks to Anna Petrovna, who boasts of the museum, for a meaningful excursion, experience. We wish success! Keep it up!

Teachers of Separate structural unit “Orekhiv college TSATU”

24. Thank you very much to the Tavria State Agrotechnological University for a warm welcome, an exciting excursion. I am pleasantly surprised by the beauty of your territory, rich in history. I wish you success and prosperity!

Yours faithfully, Center for Employment Promotion, ZNTU

25. Satisfied with my native school. This is a model for educating specialists for the prosperity of our Ukrainian motherland.

Hero of Ukraine, Twice Hero of Socialist Labor

Dmytro Motornyi

26. Thanks to my dear Academy, for wonderful student years (1997-2002). Thank you to the teaching staff for the best years! I wish TSATU to thrive and continue to give education to the younger generation.

Sincerely, student of the Faculty of Energy

Aleksandr Tymofeev