We Create the Present and Advance into the Future


ректор фото

Rector of TSATU, D.Sc., Professor,

Corresponding Member of NAAS of Ukraine


The anniversary of the University is an important occasion to return to the renowned traditions of the educational institution and honor those who put much effort into its formation, its scientific glory.

Educational and scientific traditions are the basis without which we would probably not be able to speak about today’s achievements and development.  We are proud of the fact that the list of our graduates includes numerous public figures, managers, talented scientists.

We bow down with great respect to all the leaders of our institution of higher education, who made a significant contribution to the development of the university in different years. Due to their efforts, the new educational buildings appeared, the material and technical base of the departments was strengthened, the hostels, the students’ canteen, the library, the Culture and Leisure Center were built, as well as the sports and recreation complex “Saliut” on the coast of the Sea of Azov.

The University’s golden fund is its scientific and teaching staff who have been providing a high level of training for specialists in various sectors of Ukraine’s economy throughout the entire existence of the educational institution. Thanks to you, dear teachers, our graduates came to prominence not only in our town and region, but also far beyond its borders.

We express particular gratitude to all the members of the staff of our university who, each in their place, ensure the development of the university with their day-to-day work. Thanks a lot to all of you!

We are proud of our students! Through your pursuit of learning, you multiply the achievements of our university in a variety of contests, competitions, amateur performances and sports.

Dear graduates! You are the pride of our institution! With your hard work in various sectors of Ukraine’s economy, not only do you increase the achievements of our state, but also maintain the image and glory of your alma mater. The work achievements of our graduates will remain forever in the history of our university.

Among our graduates we can proudly name Dmytro Kostiantynovych Motornyi – twice Hero of Socialist Labor, Hero of Ukraine.

Ukraine has always been and remains a grain-farming state. The agrarian sector of the economy is therefore referred to as the basic one, which, together with others, forms the basis of the state’s life and well-being of its citizens. The science, technology and the poetry of nature have always come to the aid of hard agricultural work. Only through joint efforts, unity and solidarity shall we be able to maximize the capacity and competitiveness of domestic agricultural production.

Nowadays the development of independent Ukraine goes through a responsible period. Training of skilled specialists for various sectors of Ukraine’s economy is the responsible and honorable mission of the Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University.

The main purpose of TSATU’s activity is to provide the highest quality of training of a modern specialist. The use of modern teaching methods at the university, with an emphasis on practical training, its ability to be always ready to meet the requirements of time, contributes to the competitiveness of our graduates. And that is the main, the highest reward for any educational institution.

We are proud of our university and we want everyone to know – its doors will always be open to decent, talented people who have decided to devote their lives to an extremely significant cause of food supply of Ukraine.