Modern Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University was created for a century. A nonclassical school was the first of the technical educational institutions in Melitopol, founded on the initiative of the former zemstvo (country council) in August, 1874.  The nonclassical school, in addition to secondary education, also provided knowledge of technical and agronomic disciplines.  Today, the academic building number 3 of the university is located in the premises of the commercial school, which was opened in Melitopol in 1906.

 In January 1921, a professional technical school was established on the basis of the 6-7th forms of Melitopol Nonclassical School.  At the same time, another professional technical school wass created on the basis of handicraft workshops.

 At the beginning of 1922, by joining with the technical school of Melitopol handicraft workshops, a mechanics and construction school was formed

 In 1926, a merger of the mechanics and construction with the chemical technical school laid the foundation of a polytechnic vocational school.  The school operated until 1930 maintaining its agricultural orientation.

1935 г. Бригада студентов завода ВТУЗ. За рулем Латышев, сидит Адарюхов, у дадиатора Абрамович

1935, Student Brigade of the (HTSF) Higher technical school-factory

 In 1930, the polytechnic school was reorganized into three technical schools, among which an important place was occupied by the technical school of industrialization of agriculture

 In 1932, a plant of agricultural machinery was created on the basis of the technical school.  It consisted of the Training Institute for Mecanical Engineers, the department for the training of workers of mass professions and the machine-building plant for the production of boring and burning machines.  The research and development organization was integrated into the plant.  This is the year of establishment of a higher educational establishment

 In 1938 Melitopol Institute of Mechanical Engineers of Agriculture (MIMEA) began to function as an independent higher educational institution.

 1944 г. Разрушенный во время войны главный корпус

1944, The main building destroyed during the war

 For good performance in the training of highly skilled engineers, participation in scientific research, assistance in agricultural production, the institute was awarded the 1st degree Diplomas and made an entry in the Book of Honor of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition in 1939 and 1941.

 Having been evacuated for the period of the Great Patriotic War, the institute returns to Melitopol in 1944.  In August 1944, the institute was renamed as Melitopol Institute of Agricultural Mechanization (MIAM).​

 Between 1949 and 1953, the correspondence department opened for admission.  The Faculty of Electrification of Agriculture began its work.  Admission of young people increased dramatically.
In 1954, the postgraduate study was opened at the institute.
In 1960, the General Technical Faculty was opened, where students obtained the general scientific and engineering training at the Departments of Evening and Correspondence Studies for three years

During 1960-1965, 1585 mechanical engineers and electrical engineers graduated from Melitopol Institute of Agricultural Mechanization.

  Starting in 1965, the number of specialties for agricultural engineers trained at the institute has increased.

  In 1970, the Preparatory department, on-campus and correspondence courses for preparing rural youth for entry to the university began its work.

  In 1971, the correspondence department is transformed into a Correspondence Faculty.

  During 1976-1980 the number of trained specialists increased significantly. 4041 engineers graduated from of MIAM over this period.

 МИМСХ 1981

MIAM, 1981

From 1965 to 1991, the lecturers of the institute defended 11 doctorate (Dr. hab.) and 156 candidate’s (PhD) theses

 In 1981, Melitopol Institute of Agricultural Mechanization was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for the progress made in the training of highly qualified specialists in agriculture and science.

 In 1990, the Department of Economics was established on the basis of the Faculty of Agriculture Electrification and admitted the first intake of students.

 In 1993, the Faculty of Engineering and Economics was established, which was named “Faculty of Economics” in 1999.

 On April 20, 1994 by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Tavria State Agrotechnical Academy was created on the basis of Melitopol Institute of Agricultural Mechanization.

 In 1996, the self-accounting unit of the academy – information and consulting center “Agro-Tavria” was organized.

 In 1997, Melitopol College of hydromelioration and mechanization of agriculture was integrated into TSATU.

 In 2002, the research institute of postgraduate education and advisory service was founded by the decree of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy

 In 2003, the Faculty of Processing and Storage of Agricultural Produce was established. By the decree of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy a research institute of agriculture mechanization in the South of Ukraine was founded.

 In 2005, Nova Kakhovka Agrotechnical College becomes the structural unit of TSATA.

 In 2006 according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine decree No. 140-P of May 30, 2006, candidate of technical science, professor V.M. Kiurchev was appointed rector of Tavria State Agrotechnical Academy
Фасад с золотом без труб

 By Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 311-p of May 23, 2007 “On Reorganization of Tavria State Agrotechnical Academy”, the institution of higher education was reorganized into Tavria State Agrotechnological University

 In 2007-2008, the following faculties were founded:

  • Agrotechnology and Ecology (ATE)
  • Engineering and Computer Technology
  • Economics and Business

In 2007, TSATU was awarded the Certificate of Honour by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In 2008, TSATU was first accredited for the IV accreditation level, which was re-confirmed in 2013.

 In 2009, TSATU was the first among agrarian institutions of higher education in Ukraine to pass the certification of the Quality Management System in providing educational services in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. Сертифікат відповідності системи менеджменту вимогам стандарту ISO 9001

 3 colleges were integrated into TSATU’s structure as external structural units of TSATU:  Nogaisk College (2006), Berdyansk College (2007), Orikhiv College (2014)

 11 new specialties of the first (Bachelor) level of higher education were established.

 12 specialties of the second (Master) level of higher education were licensed.

 Training of specialists for the third (educational-scientific – PhD) level of higher education was licensed.

 Licenses have been obtained:

  • for training of foreign citizens for admission to institutions of higher education;
  • for training of foreign citizens in basic accredited specialties.

 Master’s degree training in 11 new specialties was accredited.

 30 educational and research laboratories have been established, among them the modern agrochemical laboratory of soil quality and crop production monitoring.

 In 2015, the Institute for Postgraduate Education and Advisory Service started training students in 10 vocational specialties.

 The University’s infrastructure development:

  • Educational building No. 5 for the ATE faculty was set into operation;
  • gas-burning and solid-propellant boiler-houses for heating the educational buildings of TSATU were set into operation (2003, 2016);
  • furniture workshop and workshop for manufacturing metal-plastic windows were established;
  • 50 hectares of cherry orchard were planted.

 In August 2018, rector V.M. Kiurchev put forward a proposal to name TSATU named after Dmytro Motornyi, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, Hero of Ukraine, a graduate of our educational institution. The proposal was supported by the team of TSATU

 In January 2019, TSATU addressed the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with a proposal to name the University after Dmytro Motornyi.

 By the decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of February 7, 2019, No. 149 Tavriya State-Agrotechnological University was named after DMITRO MOTORNYI.

 The same year of 2019 the Dmytro Motornyi scholarship was founded.