Primus inter pares

The first among equals

RECTOR’S CORPUS (1932-2017)


Rector (1932-1937)


Гринчак Ю. Л.

YURII HRINCHAK one of the founders of the educational institution.

Managed higher education institution from 1932 until 1937. In 1932 was opened Higher technical school-plant named after DPU (ОДПУ). The plant of the plant includes the Institute for the training of engineers- theoretical engineer . At first course were enrolled 175 people.

On September, 1st, 1933 at the institute the working faculty is opened. In 1934, the Plant-VTUZ was renamed into the Melitopol Institute of Mechanical Engineers of Agriculture named after ODPU (ОДПУ)», remaining in the factory. In the 1934-1935 academic year, the institute was transferred to state-funded funding. Also, at this time, work is completed on the formation of the institute as a purely engineering higher educational institution. There were 13 departments in its composition, and about 500 students studied at three courses.

For years of work Yu.Grinchak the building of the building No. 1, recreation facilities was started, laboratories and departments of higher educational institutions were created.

In 1937 Yu.Grinchak was arrested as “enemy of the people” shot and only in 1958 – rehabilitated in the absence of a crime.



Rector (1937 – 1951)


Г. Ф. Гуливер

Heorhii Huliver led higher education institution from 1937 to 1951. Under his guidance, further expansion, establishment and development of the educational institution continued. Construction of the educational building No. 1 was completed. The first 96 engineers were issued by the Institute in 1937. In total, in prewar years, 500 engineer-mechanics were trained.

As an independent higher educational institution Melitopol Institute of Mechanical Engineers of Agriculture (MIMEA) became operational since 1938. In 1939 and 1941, the Institute was awarded with Diplomas and degrees and entered the Book of Honor of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition. In 1945, for successful work in training, Heorhii Huliver was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.



Rector (1951 – 1962)


Ректор МИМСХа в 1952-1962 гг. Д. В. Абрамчев

DMYTRO ABRAMCHEV Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences. He was in charge of higher education from 1951 to 1962. At the time of the leadership of Abramchev D was built a pioneer camp, a recreation center on the Azov Sea, a hostel for 400 people, a dwelling house for teachers and employees.

In September 1952, the faculty of agricultural electrification started its work. In 1953 the mechanics engineer training department began working. Since 1954 the Postgraduate study began at the Institute, in the same year the educational building No. 1 was restored. Since 1957 was stopped recruitment to the faculty electrification of agriculture.

In 1955 and 1957, the institute was a member of the Aviation Academy of the USSR, was awarded a diploma and was awarded a cinema installation.

In 1960 the General Technical Faculty was opened.



Rector (1962 – 1971)



Mykhailo YEMELIANOV was in charge of higher education from 1962 TO 1971.

During this time, the organizational structure of the institute significantly changed, the material and technical base of the educational establishment has considerably strengthened. A dwelling house for teachers of 70 apartments and dormitories at the Institute for 880 people was built.

In 1964, the recruitment of students to the faculty of electrification of agriculture was restored. In the same year, the department of the mechanization of agriculture created a department – organization and technology of repair.

Since 1965 the faculty of public professions (FPP) (ФГП) has started its work, the department of the use of electric power in agriculture has been created. In the same year the educational building No. 7 was put into operation, the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union M.Maluzy was opened.

In 1969, the Faculty of Mechanization of Agriculture organized a department for the mechanization of livestock farms. In 1970, a preparatory department was set up. In 1971, the correspondence department was transformed into a correspondence faculty.

For successes in the work of the rector Yemelianov MM In 1971 he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.



Rector (1971 – 1987)



IHOR SIRYI – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor. He was in charge of higher education from 1971 to 1987.

In the 1972-1973 academic year, the Institute equipped with 8 lecture halls for the use of technical teaching aids and two classes of programmed training.

In 1973, for the first time, on the initiative of the Institute, 10 mechanized student units were created.

For the leadership of Ihor Siryi in 1974, the current certification of students is introduced twice in the semester. This form of knowledge control has gained full recognition in subsequent years. In the same year, the course “Fundamentals of Scientific Research” is introduced.

Over the years of the leadership of Ihor Siryi the building was put into operation:

  • student dining room for 220 seats (1975);
  • libraries with reading rooms for 300 places (1976);
  • student’s club (1978);
  • the educational building of the military department (1980)
  • in 1979, the construction of a 9-storey training and laboratory building (now the building 2).

Under the direction of Ihor Siryi in October 1979, the Faculty of Advanced training of senior managers and specialists in agriculture began to work at the institute. For the direction of Ihor Siryi the institute became a university of I category. In 1981, the Melitopol Institute of Agricultural Mechanization was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

For outstanding achievements in the work of Ihor Siryi was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. In 1980 Ihor Siryi was awarded the title of Honored Worker of the Higher School of Ukraine, was awarded a diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and an honorary diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers. He – Excellence in agrarian education and science 1st degree, has a medal «For labor valor».

For honesty, professionalism and a great contribution to the development of his hometown in 1999, he was awarded the title «Honorary citizen of the city of Melitopol». Ihor Siryi also teaches at the department of technical service in the agroindustrial complex.



Rector (1987 – 2006)



MYKOLA KRYZHACHKIVSKYI, Doctor of Engineering (Poland), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor. During 1987-2006 was in charge of higher education. This is the youngest university leader in history of university – in 1987 year he was only 33 years old.

Under the leadership of Mykola Kryzhachkivskyi in 1987-1992 a faculty of general education was created, a preparatory department is working at the faculty. The Institute initiated the creation of a scientific-production system «Remygridoprod», established contacts with foreign companies in Germany and Bulgaria to supply their products. During this period, international ties with China are expanding considerably, as well as establishing close ties with the Agricultural Institute in Warsaw.

On April 20, 1994 by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the basis of the Melitopol Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, the Tavria State Agrotechnical Academy was created.

The chronology of the achievements of those times is as follows:

  • 1995 – the first issue of specialists in the specialty “Business Economics”;
  • 1996 – the unit of the academy was created – Information and Consulting Center “Agro-Tavria”;
  • 1996 -1997 – developed a comprehensive program for the introduction of the Ukrainian language in the academy, according to the program is organized the Department of “Ukrainian Studies”.
  • August 1997 – in the Academy, as a separate structural subdivision, entered the Melitopol College of Hydromelioration and Mechanization of Agriculture;
  • 1998 – the first issue of masters in the fields of mechanization of agriculture and electrification and automation of agriculture took place.
  • 2001 – 2002 – Association of Students and Postgraduates of the “Intellect” Academy was founded;
  • 2002 – By the order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, a research institute for postgraduate education and advisory services was created;
  • 2003 – the faculty “Processing and storage of agricultural products” was opened, the Research institute of agriculture mechanization of the south of Ukraine was created;
  • 2004 – the faculty “Processing and storage of agricultural products” was opened, the Research institute of agriculture mechanization of the south of Ukraine was created.
  • 2005 – Nova Kakhovka Agrotechnical College entered the structure of TDADU.

Rector Mykola Kryzhachkivskyi was included in the book “500 influential personalities”, as well as in the book “Scientists in the fields of mechanization, electrification and reclamation”.