TSATU in international and national university rankings

The position in the national and international university rankings can be considered as an indicator of the success of a higher education institution.

In 2018 TSATU was represented in four international and four national rankings.

International rankings:
– Webometrics Ranking of World’s Universities
– uniRank University Ranking
– Scopus
– TRANSPARENT RANKING: Top Repositories by Google Scholar
– TRANSPARENT RANKING: Top Universities by Google Scholar Citations

National rankings:
– Top 200 Ukraine
– Vstup.osvita.ua: ranking of universities according to the entrance campaign results
– Consolidated ranking of higher education institutions of Ukraine
– Bibliometrics of Ukrainian science

At present, the higher education institution rankings are not only the identification of the university position in the ranking table, they are the indicators of the dynamics of changes in the educational institution characteristics in comparison with others, this is the place of everyone in the “rankings table”.

In March 2018, the Center of Information Technologies and Systems was created at TSATU by the rector order, the center carries out work on the study and maintenance of rankings technically and analytically.

Webometrics: TSATU is in the hundred of the best higher education institutions of Ukraine.

ТДАТУ – другий серед кращих університетів Запорізької області згідно з міжнародним рейтингом uniRank

Publishing activity ranking of young scientists of TSATU

Transparent ranking: universities are ranked according to quoting in the best Google Scholar profiles.

The repository of TSATU has been included into the world repository ranking.

Рейтинг Webometrics-2019. ТДАТУ серед 50-ти кращих університетів України!

ТДАТУ в рейтингу Scopus: динаміка позитивна