Tavria State Agrotechnical University’s research has real-world impact beyond academia. We are at the forefront of the search for solutions to some of the Ukraine’s most pressing problems, seeking to be a global force for positive change.

Tavria State Agrotechnical University is a powerful scientific center in southern Ukraine, where today work 29 doctors and professors and more than 200 candidates. There are 14 scientific schools under their leadership.
Among full-time teaching staff 2 Corresponding Members of NAAS of Ukraine, 15 academicians specialized academies, 1 Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, 1 Honored inventor of Ukraine, 1 Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine, 1 Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine, 4 honored workers of higher school and education of Ukraine, 32 Excellent education and Agricultural education and Science of Ukraine, 1 worker awarded the Order of “Princess Olga”; 10 employees were awarded the Order “For Merit Zaporozhye edge”, 76% of full-time teaching staff have a scientific degree and rank, and the average age of teaching staff is 45 years.
Research work at the University is focused in 4 research institutes: Research Institute for Agriculture Mechanization southern Ukraine, research institutes and agricultural technologies Ecology, Institute of socio-economic development of the agricultural production of southern Ukraine, Institute of irrigated horticulture
Efforts Research Institute focused on the program “Science in Tavria State Agrotechnological University.” Programme of Research Institute focused on the development and implementation of technologies of growing, harvesting, processing and long term storage of agricultural products machinery usage problems in agriculture, energy, applied biophysics, business development, marketing and management, financial, credit and accounting and analytical support of enterprises. During 2011-2015 research Institute in the laboratory successfully completed 30 research programs.