If you ask Melitopol people, where is the most beautiful historical building of the city – you will necessarily point to the Tavria State Agrotechnological University, which is majestically located in the heart of the city on the main avenue.

“THE MAIN UNIVERSITY TASK is to provide a young generation of education that will meet the European standards of training. We need to integrate into the WORLD EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM, using for centuries the NATIONAL TRADITIONS, national pedagogical education and international relations. It is necessary to form a conscious, GENERALLY DEVELOPED PERSON, capable of becoming an active participant in the development of the INDEPENDENT UKRAINIAN STATE in the future.

This statement by the rector of the university, the distinguished professor of agrarian education and science of Ukraine, the Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Professor Volodymyr Nikolayevich KYURCHEVA became a winged phrase.

Hostels №№ 1, 3, 4 of the university are the BEST dormitories of the city.

Briefly about the 4th hostel. It is a 9-storey block-type building. Year of construction – 1985. The hostel serves students of economic specialties of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The hostel is designed for 510 bed places. Almost 400 students live permanently in the hostel, and several families are occupied by family students.

In the hostel every year, before the beginning of the school year, a qualitative ongoing repair is carried out. Residents of the hostel take active part in the repair work and in the regeneration of the territory around the hostel, as well as during the repair of the rooms.

We go to the hostel and get to the hall of the hostel with a place for the next. The dormitory has a strict pass-through system. All residents have passes, which are issued at the beginning of the academic year on the basis of the order of the rector of the university about the settlement in the dormitory. There is a meeting place in the lobby, where visitors can chat with the dormitory.

A duty at the hostel in the work place has a telephone. In the absence of electricity – there is a lantern, a gas lamp. In the event of unforeseen events there is a convoy, the Student Council and members of the student DND of the faculties are going to gather at the hallway of the hostel. Also at the place of duty on the hostel there is a board for spare keys from the blocks, a log for the registration of the handing over and issuance of keys, a magazine for the account of the hostel guests.

In the afternoon, in the lobby of the hostel there are always two regular students as assistants of the next.

In the evening, the dormitory is scheduled to attend the dean’s staff and faculty departments. According to the results of the examination of the state of living and behavior of students in the hostel, as well as about the educational activities carried out in a special journal, a mark is made. The administration of the university based on the submission of the head of the dormitory and analysis of the journal “another teacher” made appropriate decisions.

On the first floor of the hostel there is a room for the head of the hostel and a passport room. They have appropriate workplaces equipped, there are safes for storing all the necessary documentation. In the room of the head of the dormitory there is a board with spare keys from all rooms in the event of a fire.

In the room of the head of the hostel there is:

explanatory individual work on safety issues in everyday life,

Student Council meeting of the hostel

conversations with the parents of the dormitory and more.

All educational activities conducted by the head of the dormitory are recorded in the corresponding journals.

For public events of the educational plan, club and circular work, the work of the Student Council in the hostel is a room for celebrations.

Here are educational events:

the dean’s office – according to the plan of educational work in the hostel,

Departments of faculties – according to the schedule of educational work and duty in the hostel.

In the hostel during the academic year are constantly held:

talks on scientific and technological progress,

meetings with lawyers, law enforcement officers, medical institutions,

conversations and meetings to celebratory and significant dates,

evenings of questions and answers on different subjects (labor, legal, aesthetic, moral, ecological, physical, patriotic education),

organization of labor hours for streamlining the territory of hostels,

conversations “Strict adherence to the requirements of the internal regulations – the law of the student’s life” and others,

Advice on preparation for passing examination sessions and practice tasks.

The organizers of the events are invited to work at the University Library, the Center for Culture and Leisure of students, and teachers from the departments of the humanities.

In this same building, the work of clubs of interest is also organized.

The hostel works:

club of a young family

club of aesthetic education,

information club “HARMONIA”,

student theater of variety miniatures,

sport club “ATLET”,

chess-drafts club.

Here are the Student Council meetings. Student Council of the dormitory is part of the general structure of the university’s student self-government, working on the relevant plan of work.

The competence of the Student Council of the hostel is (on the advisory