Agricultural engineering

Graduates of this specialty are prepared for organization of manufacture, design process, to ensure the organization of operation, repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment. Can work in industry, agriculture and other industries.

Electrical energetics, electrical engineering and electromechanics

Graduates of this specialty are prepared for the assembly, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and instrumentation, production of electrical machinery and apparatus, electricity distribution and control apparatus; specialized repairing and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Industrial machinery engineering

Mechanical engineers in equipment of processing and food industries are prepared for professional activities in the field of upgrade, development and manufacture of new models of fruit, vegetable, food and grain processing equipment, production management.

Computer sciences

Preparing computer systems engineers, who are fluent in computer science and can design a feasibility study and technical requirements, create a promotional product using computer design, perform computer-aided design of industrial products and production processes. The student has the opportunity to learn the entire spectrum of modern information technologies and related systems.


Graduates of this specialty are prepared for the organization of activities of the enterprise; diagnosis of the competitive environment of the enterprise; preparation of business plans of the enterprise; feasibility study development of new products, equipment, technology; implementation of economically expedient and reasonable pricing; monitoring the progress of the tasks of enterprise as a whole and its subdivisions.

Accounting and taxation

Graduates of this specialty are prepared for accounting of technical and economic-financial transactions in the enterprise; accounting management stages of production according to its process; evaluation of the results of the enterprise; organization of management, financial and strategic analysis on companies; organization of internal and external audit in the enterprise; creating a unified accounting system.

Finance, banking and insurance

Graduates of this specialty are prepared for organizing the financial activities of enterprises, implementation of financial analysis and financial performance management; financial reporting; financial management of the anti-crisis equilibrium of enterprises and preventing its bankruptcy; planning income and expenditure budgets; preparation of budget reporting; providing services in the financial market (securities management).


Graduates of this specialty are prepared to explore the needs of different groups of consumers, market structure; a systematic study of existing markets, analysis of internal environment of enterprise; organization of production of new products, development of new technologies; organization of distribution; service organization; oversight marketing.


Graduates of this specialty are prepared for the implementation of organizational and technological management of the enterprise in production of plant products; forecasting crop yields; development of process maps for growing crops; rational use of agricultural land; determine the economic efficiency of growing and primary processing of crop production.

Environmental studies

Graduates of this specialty are prepared for this the state management of environmental programs; government operations on environmental control; the activities of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks; agrochemical service of protecting plants from diseases; pests, forest management and fish farms.

Civil security

Graduates of this specialty are prepared to perform the functions of specialists on occupational health services for all kinds of enterprises and activities.

Food technology

Graduates of this specialty are prepared to perform the functions of technologist for food engineering, quality and standardization; laboratory engineer; foreman, head of standardization service, specialist in grain storage and processing; purveyor of fruits and vegetables.



Geodesy and land management

Graduates of this specialty are ready to work in geodesy, mapping and land-utilization in State agency system of the ground sources of Ukraine, in architecture and urban development departments, constructions, geological exploration, in the manufacturing and geodesy enterprises, also in the local government executive bodies.

Horticulture and viticulture

Graduates of this specialty are ready to carry out modern and perspective technologies in horticulture and viticulture branches; harvest storage and processing; growing of the gardening material of fruit, berry and grape; growing of vegetables of  the open and close ground.


Graduates of this specialty are ready to implement leader`s functions of small enterprises in rural, hunting, water, forest, fishing; heads and specialists of the manufacturing subdivisions in rural, forest, and water farms.

Hotel, restaurant and catering

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Graduates of this specialty are ready to run a work in the hotels and touristic complex of diverse types (motels, campings, botel, flighttel) sanatorium – resort enterprises, boarding houses, rest houses, preventative clinic , sanatoriums, and the different types of  catering trade enterprises (restaurants, cafes, bars and etc.) SPA-complex.

Public administration

Graduates of this specialty are capable to head work in public authorities, local government and public organizations. Graduates who want to carry out professional activity in the real sector of economy (the organizations of the productive  and non-productive sphere) will be able to use received competence, abilities and professional skills for establishing more productive dialogue with officials.


Graduates  of this specialty will be able to solve effectively some problems in producing and trading enterprises (state and private), in the state and international level business, authority structures, service sphere, (HR, IT, PR ) technologies, event- management and other spheres.

Business, trade and exchange activities

Masters` distinction of this specialty is based on that, that they are highly needed in all  business spheres. Graduates of this specialty are given the high quality well planned economic training which gives them a real opportunity to open their own business  and run a business successfully.


Tourism is a perspective specialty. Work in the tourist sphere is one of the highest paid, is an opportunity to visit a lot of countries, it is not routine, monotonous, but it is interesting and also many-sided.  At the same time it demands from the graduates in the tourism sphere of special skills, professional communication, awareness, responsibility.