We invite you within the organization «Open world of youth» to take part in a cultural and educational trip to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, that will happen from 04 until 10 January 2020.

The purpose of the trip is creation of conditions for personal and social development of Ukrainian youth, its integration into the European socio-cultural space, familiarization with the cultural and historical heritage of these countries.

During the trip is expected conducting training for young people «Master of Dreams: secrets of choosing a profession» on the issues of their professional self-determination, development of effective interaction skills.

They are invited to participate in the trip representatives of district, city, regional state administrations, departments (departments) of education and science, culture, family and youth affairs, social services for children, families and young people, students, students, teachers, heads of educational institutions.

Costs on accommodation, meals and travel are provided at the expense of the seminar participants. For more information and contact the event organizers by phone to register: 067-449-13-41, 097-718-17-67, 050-334-40-92, 050-331-32-80.