Department Provisions

  1. General provisions

International Relations Department of TSATU (hereinafter referred to as Department) is a structural unit of Tavria State Agrotechnological University (hereinafter referred to as University). In its work Department is governed by the laws of Ukraine, Presidential decrees, resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,resolutions and normative documents of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, by the orders of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food and the Ministry of Science and Education, the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008, orders and directives of the Rector.

  1. Purpose, subject matter and tasks of the Department

The purpose of the International Relations Department is to organize work on participation of the University in international programs in the field of science and education, coordination of international programs taking place with the participation of the University, development of contracts, work programs and work plans of University for cooperation with higher education institutions, research centers, organizations and firms in foreign countries, diversification of forms of education, creation of conditions for integration of the university education system into the world scientific and educational space, implementation in TSATU foreign internship programs and student internships, organization of admissions process for foreign students for study.

Subject of activity – organizational support of execution of agreements with various international institutions, organizations, foundations for development of international relations and formation of cooperation of TSATU with foreign educational establishments and scientific institutions, organization of professional training of foreign citizens at different educational and qualification levels, internships and practices of students, masters, graduate students and teachers of the academy in countries with advanced agriculture and leading agricultural universities in the world.

The main tasks of the Department are:

  • development of a strategy of international activity of the University, its integration into the world educational and scientific system;
  • organization of the international activity of the University, development of methods of its implementation, preparation of agreements (programs) and other documents on realization of the University’s tasks in the sphere of international relations;
  • search for international grants, projects, competitions (including jointly with universities and institutions of other countries);
  • coordinating the activities of the University’s units in the development and implementation of international agreements, programs, projects and treaties;
  • organization of fulfillment of obligations arising from international agreements of Ukraine and agreements, treaties (contracts) Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as far as the University is concerned;
  • establishing contacts with foreign educational and research institutions, agencies, associations, as well as their representative offices in Ukraine;
  • organization and support of international projects on scientific and teaching activities, cultural and educational programs, participation in international educational and scientific programs;
  • creation of joint ventures with enterprises, centers, laboratories, technoparks, joint scientific research, joint publishing activities, etc.;
  • organization of international conferences, symposia, congresses, seminars;
  • Provision with other departments of the University services related to the training of foreign nationals in accredited fields, specialties and preparation of foreign nationals for entry into higher educational establishments of Ukraine, as well as training of scientific personnel for foreign countries;
  • development and implementation of measures for student participation in academic mobility programs, foreign trainee;
  • support of relations with foreign partners in the field of joint exchange programs and programs of foreign internship for teachers and students of the University;
  • providing information and advisory support science teaching staff and students about opportunities to participate in the passage of foreign training, practice;
  • outstanding coverage of events and experiences in the media;
  • organization of professional training, internships of teachers, postgraduate students and industrial practices of students of the University in the countries with advanced agriculture and leading agricultural universities of the world.
  1. Organizational structure of the unit

According to the approved structure, the International Relations Department is a structural unit of the University. The Department is headed by the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work and International Activity, appointed by the University Rector.

The Department is financed from the state budget and the special fund.

The organizational structure of the Department includes:

  • sector of foreign grants, projects, programs;
  • external academic mobility sector;
  • sector of student foreign practices;
  • foreign education sector.
  1. Functions performed by the unit

The functions of the TSATU International Relations Department are:

4.1. Cooperation with foreign partners, international organizations abroad and domestically, embassies of international states on issues related to the University’s international relations, namely:

  • integration of the University into the world educational and scientific system;
  • search for international grants and programs of financial support for scientific and educational activities of teachers, staff and students;
  • establishing contacts and further interaction with foreign partners in science and education;
  • maintaining documentation on the implementation of international activities of the University and its coordination;
  • assistance in fulfilling obligations to fulfill international agreements and treaties of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Ministry of Education and Science, concerning the University;
  • organization of international seminars, symposia, conferences, as well as dissemination of information on the organization of these events in other countries of the world among the teachers of the University ;
  • performance of representative functions: organization and reception of foreign delegations, specialists, students, graduate students;
  • interaction with state bodies on the stay of foreign citizens in the territory of Ukraine;

4.2. Provision of information protocol, advisory assistance in organizing internships and internships, namely:

  • search for potential sites for the passage of foreign training, practice;
  • organizing meetings of student selection committees for internships abroad;
  • preparation of draft contracts for traineeships, internships;
  • acquainting teachers and students with the conditions for participation in international internships, practices regulated by contractual terms with foreign companies;
  • preparation of information and methodological materials on internships and traineeships abroad and their publication;
  • assistance in the preparation of documentation for the participation of teachers and students in the programs of passing internships, internships;
  • preparation and coordination of internal documents (orders, regulations) to regulate the passage of foreign training programs, practices;
  • preparation of documents, consultations and preparation for interviewing at consular establishments;
  • holding meetings with the visa regime goers;
  • prompt exchange of information with practitioners and trainees regarding conditions of practice or complications during their stay abroad;
  • development of annual and prospective plans for the organization of training of internships and agrarian practices of teachers and students;
  • keeping records of internships for students and graduates;
  • preparation and issuance of certificates and other documents required for internships and agricultural practices abroad;
  • generate reports on the passage of foreign training programs and practices of teachers and students.

4.3. Organizational provision of training of foreign citizens in accredited fields, specialties and preparation of foreign citizens for entering higher educational establishments of Ukraine:

  • conducting an advertising and information campaign on attracting foreign nationals to study at the University;
  • establishing contacts with domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals, representatives of educational institutions of foreign countries for the purpose of organizational and legal support of foreigners wishing to obtain higher education at the University;
  • control of admission to study at the University of foreign citizens and stateless persons.
  • bringing to the attention of foreign students the current normative documents that regulate studying in Ukraine of foreign citizens;
  • control over the verification of documents presented by foreign nationals upon admission and admission to the university in accordance with the current legislation;
  • control over registration of personal cases of foreign students, contracts with foreign students, documents accompanying studies of foreign citizens.

4.4. Passport and visa work with foreign nationals who are admitted to university:

  • ensuring timely registration of documents in the established order for the extension of the stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine, movement of foreign citizens in the territory of Ukraine:
  • keeping records of foreign citizens and responding to requests from the Ministry of Internal Affairs about their stay and study in different instances;
  • together with the management of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in Zaporizhia region explanations rights, freedoms and duties while in Ukraine, information about the violation, if the latter occur;
  • timely provision of information on remittances of foreign nationals and reduction of their stay in the country.
  1. Relationships with other units

In its work, the International Relations Department cooperates with structural units and services on matters governed by the University Charter, the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008, by the rector’s orders, namely:

  • with the deans of the faculties on the subject:
    • organization of search and formation of a database of international grants, projects and programs;
    • organizing and coordinating the participation of teachers and students in international science and education programs;
    • obtaining information related to the participation of teachers and students in international science and education programs;
    • organization of holding international conferences, seminars, symposia;
  • with the Admissions Committee regarding the admission to study at the University of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons;
  • with the Department of Foreign Languages regarding the quality of foreign language courses;
  • with the academic department regarding the approval of student orders related to internships abroad, as well as the teaching of foreign nationals at the university;
  • with the Head of the Safety Department for briefing students who are going to practice abroad.
  1. Rights and responsibilities

6.1 The International Relations Department is entitled:

  • to submit proposals to the University management for improvement of planning and organization of work of the International Relations Department;
  • to represent the interests of the University within the limits of its authority in Ukraine and abroad;
  • to collect materials from the University units necessary for the work of the International Relations Department;
  • to control at the departments and units of the University on timely execution of orders, instructions and decisions concerning the international activity of the University.

6.2 International Relations Department staff are responsible for:

  • timely and qualitative fulfillment of the full tasks of the department, defined in section 2 of this Regulation;
  • organization of the work of the Department, fulfillment of the duties of the department employees;
  • compliance with internal rules and compliance with work discipline.